Nathaniel D. Bradley

With 15+ years of experience as a professional marketing writer and editor for a top global university, I can help you utilize your content and hone your message to achieve results. 

Experience is an Asset

Marketing trends come and go, but the expertise developed by years of practice crafting an effective message can only be acquired through time. I am an experienced communicator and collaborator who thinks creatively and is skilled in writing intelligent copy and deploying rich, relevant content. My professional objective is to understand the purpose of your mission, define the value of what you offer, and communicate your story clearly and creatively. 

A Bridge from BU to the World

When Boston University Metropolitan College turned 50, the Marketing & Communications team was tasked with developing a tagline and branding treatment for the 50th-anniversary celebrations. The main treatment was "BUMET50," for which we developed the tagline, "A Bridge from BU to the World," capturing MET's role in connecting the academics of a prestigious university to the community through flexible evening and online programs. "BUMET50" also served as an umbrella for a suite of special events happening throughout the year at BU, with sub-branding and taglines that included "A Legacy of Innovation—A Lecture to Commemorate BU MET at 50" and "A Toast to Innovation—Celebrating Guest of Honor Jacques Pépin at 80."

The future of health communication since 2008.

This branding was created for the 10th anniversary of the Master of Science in Health Communication program at Boston University. The client had requested something that embraced the prior decade while looking toward the next ten years in the industry. Included in the anniversary celebrations was a summit of thought leaders in the health care communication industry, called "Health Communication in the Decade Ahead." In order to capture both the legacy of the program and the evolving nature of the health communication field, the Marketing & Communications design team developed the "HC10" logo, and I contributed the tagline: "The future of health communication since 2008." By omitting the year of the anniversary (2018) we effectively imply open-ended potential.

Boston University Online

Since 2002, Boston University has been offering award-winning online learning programs that enable students worldwide to pursue their educational goals and earn a college degree from Boston University. Metropolitan College pioneered online learning at BU, and the College's office of Distance Education works with faculty to deliver highly effective online programs. This is the website. I am responsible for creating, editing, and updating written content.
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