Treatments & Taglines

The layers of branding at Boston University Metropolitan College are complex: there are the Boston University master logo, the school and college sub-brand logotypes, and then—within those—the treatments and taglines that might apply to special events or milestones within each school, college, or academic department. At MET, the creative team was frequently asked to develop special branding for fundraisers, galas, program anniversaries, and many other events. These designs had to work in conjunction with BU's logo, and MET's sub-brand logo, yet still command attention. As the copywriter, I worked closely with design to workshop treatments and develop taglines.

The future of health communication since 2008.

This branding was created for the 10th anniversary of the Master of Science in Health Communication program at Boston University. The client had requested something that embraced the prior decade while looking toward the next ten years in the industry. Included in the anniversary celebrations was a summit of thought leaders in the health care communication industry, called "Health Communication in the Decade Ahead." In order to capture both the legacy of the program and the evolving nature of the health communication field, the Marketing & Communications design team developed the "HC10" logo, and I contributed the tagline: "The future of health communication since 2008." By omitting the year of the anniversary (2018) we effectively imply open-ended potential.

A Bridge from BU to the World

When Boston University Metropolitan College turned 50, the Marketing & Communications team was tasked with developing a tagline and branding treatment for the 50th-anniversary celebrations. The main treatment was "BUMET50," for which we developed the tagline, "A Bridge from BU to the World," capturing MET's role in connecting the academics of a prestigious university to the community through flexible evening and online programs. "BUMET50" also served as an umbrella for a suite of special events happening throughout the year at BU, with sub-branding and taglines that included "A Legacy of Innovation—A Lecture to Commemorate BU MET at 50" and "A Toast to Innovation—Celebrating Guest of Honor Jacques Pépin at 80."